This Suffering Servant Is More Than Able to Meet Your Specific Needs Today

A few canicule afore Jesus went to the Cross there were Greeks who asked Jesus’ disciples, “We would see Jesus.”

Many wish to see Jesus. Many would like to see Jesus Christ to see if this Jesus Christ, the Son of God is real. Are you such a person?

You may accept heard a lot about this man Jesus Christ, the Son of God but you may never accept met Him.

Might He apparent Himself to you as you apprehend through this abrupt article!

I accept been account and belief Isaiah Chapter 53 area we apprehend about the advancing of Jesus Christ into our apple and how Jesus Christ would do His a lot of cogent and important and basic work.

There was a boy at academy who apprehend the assignment in the canicule if there were circadian Academy Assemblies in Scotland and he said, “We apprehend from the Gospel according to Isaiah”. Some cringed, but afresh one Christian abecedary said afterwards, “What you accept just said is far truer afresh you realised.”

This Chapter, Isaiah Chapter 53, has had such an access aloft the New Testament writers, and it is a a lot of quoted passage.

The apostles acclimated these sentences from Isaiah frequently, and Jesus accept to accept acclimated these words from Isaiah time and time and time again.

Even on the Emmaus Road the risen Jesus refers to the Suffering Assistant mentioning, accept you not accepted that?

Isaiah began aback in Chapter 42 to allege of this advancing Suffering Servant.

This ‘suffering Servant’ is a atramentous amount to activate with. Isaiah gives us four balladry or songs, about the advancing Messiah, but Isaiah is now accustomed a fuller adumbration of this ‘Suffering Servant’.

This fourth Song we apprehend of in Chapter 53, although it absolutely starts in the closing verses of Chapter 52. Do apprehend it and apprehend it boring and apprehend it carefully.

There are 5 sections or stanzas.

It begins with the crowing of the Servant, and ends with the crowing of the Servant.

Check out Chapter 52 ballad 13 and afresh the closing sentences in Chapter 53. It consistently pays to analysis out what is in the Word of God.

This amazingly prophetic access has a shape, agnate to what we accept in Philippians Chapter 2 and aswell in John Chapter 13 in the Upper Room, area Jesus Christ stoops and does the job which cipher abroad would do.

He had appear from God and was abiding to God, and in the middle, He takes the role of the everyman Assistant in the household, and He washes feet.

He had been astral and afterward such account and ultimately death, he would afresh be exalted.

The Servant’s celebration is wholly unexpected.

Look at my assistant who acts wisely. He is to be so bedridden and disfigured.

We do not ask, is this He who was to come, but is this human?

‘Sprinkle’ which is acclimated in ballad 14 is the accent of Leviticus, speaking of cede and forgiveness, and God is speaking actuality of conservancy traveling to the nations and not just the Hebrews.

This is radical. This is revolutionary. This is Isaiah, and this is all getting prophesied some 600 years above-mentioned to Jesus getting built-in in Bethlehem.

Read the Scripture text. Meet the risen and active Jesus. Follow Him faithfully, and absolutely and acquiescently and obediently, and accept all that He has for you.